Monday, October 28, 2013

Reiki and Parkinsons Dis-Ease

I started conducting a case study of giving Reiki Treatments to a 77 year old female with symptoms of Parkinson's Disease.

Normally my clients come to me seeking Reiki for relief of stress or when they are going through some kind of emotional or spiritual dis-ease.  I have read many articles about how Reiki has made a difference in so many people with illness and the results are always positive and there is always improvement, even if the case revolves around transitioning out of this lifetime.  

I offered Reiki sessions to this woman who has many ailments that she has lived with for many years. Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, and heart related issues as well.  I explained to her that Reiki works with Western medicine and other treatments and that it is a very subtle form or maodality of treatment that is very relaxing and would not interfere with any of the treatment her doctors currently have her under. 

This onset of Parkinson's Disease symptoms started a couple years ago with just a subtle shaking of her left hand.  Her symptoms however have changed and now what was subtle is impeding her from her daily activities and the shaking is now also taking place in her jaw.  The shaking of the jaw is wearing her down physically, mentally and emotionally, so she agreed to give this a try.  She is not on medication for Parkinson's Disease treatment as of yet.

I started Reiki immediately giving her a one hour session the first time.  Instead of having her come to my place of Reiki I felt inclined to come to her and treated her in her own bed.  After doing a complete placement of hands from head to feet I felt that she needed more Reiki at the head, the energy was felt more strongly there than any other place on her body.  As I was thinking or feeling this she asked if I would go back to her head again. During this first session I still had not done any research about Parkinson's Disease I only knew it was Neurological. I called to check on her the next day and did not expect a miracle result with just one treatment, however, she was open to receiving another so I went the next evening.

For the second treatment she cleared off her bed in anticipation of the treatment it was as if though she couldn't wait to receive the "touch" of Reiki.  She fell asleep in the first 6 minutes of Reiki, went through all the placement of hands from head to toe channeling Cho Ko Rei and Sei Hay Ki energy alternatively.  I watched as her jaw endlessly shook side to side throughout the whole session thus far. I ended the session with extra Reiki at her head and every now and then I would watch as the movement in her jaw slowed to no movement at all and slowly started back up again but not as violent as when we started the session.  I stopped by to see her the next day and her spirit was a little lighter and her jaw was not as bad but it was still going. 

It had been several days since our last session and I went to see her and expressed to her that I had seen her jaw almost stop moving completely and saw how it slowed down a lot during our last session.  I asked if I could come over later that evening and that I wanted to try giving her Reiki before she went to sleep that it might prove to be more beneficial if she was to remain in that relaxed state when she goes off into her sleep.  This session lasted 45 minutes I brought reiki music and some essential oils, once again she seemed to be looking forward to the session and she got herself into position and even propped her pillows just right. I spent 30 of those 45 minutes in her upper extremeties, especially the head and throat areas since those the Third Eye chakra and the Throat chakra seemed to pull the most energy from my hands, once again I noticed the jaw slowing down.  One of my spirit guides pointed me in the direction of her sleep, to pay attention and listen and when I did I realized how much noise travels to her room because it's right next to the busiest room in the house... the kitchen.  I had to look further into this Parkinson's Disease now, so I went home to research after I tucked her in to continue her sleep since she usually falls asleep during our sessions. 

I found out thanks to Steve Flaherty's contribution to Natural Bloom in an article he wrote that Parkinson's Disease (PD) is a progressive neurological disorder of the middle brain that has far ranging effects, the most common is involuntary movement in the form of shaking of the hands.  This is how it started for her and it progressed slowly over the past year to her jaw.  Her jaw moves so much that she has to remove her dentures to alleviate the click-clack sound she hears day and night. So quite naturally it is not just physically damaging it is also damaging emotionally.

Not surprisingly, although the basic root cause of the illness is known there is no complete cure as of yet. PD is caused by the deficiency in the body's natural dopamine levels. I spoke to her son and explained how clear the message came to me in my session with her that her environment is partially to blame for her lack of deep sleep which is crucial because the brain releases chemicals our body needs during the deep sleep stages.  I also had a conversation with her the next day and educated her about this and the progression of PD. 

Some of the changes necessary are to move her bedroom to one of the rooms located far away from the activity of the house, since that cannot happen right away, the door to her room will be changed to one that offers a little more insulation from noise than the one that is there now which is a shutter type door.

I saw her this evening and she had her teeth in which is a good sign that the shaking of the jaw was a little more tolerable than the other day when she was in tears, telling me she was tired of this constant involuntary movement of her jaw.

I will continue to give Reiki within 2-3 days of each session for the next month, I'm confident that there will be some improvement and some relief of the annoying symptom of this dis-ease. 


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